Holiday season is fast approaching.
Now is the time to start packing all our sadness and throw it all away.
It is the time where we should start saying the magic word.
Holiday season only happens once in our life.

It is a time where we meet new friends.
The time where we shed all our tears with our family,
Sad to say that there are families that are not complete,
But let us help and love each other for this holiday season.

This Christmas season will never happen again every day.
Let this holiday season be meaningful to you.
Wherever you are in this world,
Think that you are with your family celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Christmas Season is such a very special occasion.
All I ask to each and every one of us.
Share your love and passion.
Don’t let anger be the superior in this Holiday Season.

Once again,
Merry Christmas,
We love you,
We care for you.


Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin

Posted: August 21, 2011 in Love, Only for you

Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin

Itong mga huling sandali ng aking buhay ay laging ikaw nasa puso ko
Na para bang ayaw ng puso’t isipan ko na iwaglit ka kahit minsan lang
Kahit ngayon ang puso ko ay nagdudurugo dahil sa ikaw ay hinihintay
At ang sakit nang iniwan mo ako ng bigla sa ere nang walang anumang rason.

Karapat- dapat ka pa bang mahalin?
Kung kinaya mo akong iwanan ng biglaan.
Hindi mo ba alam na ang puso’t isipan ko ay litong-lito
Na para bang ayaw kang kalimutan.

Masakit man sa damdamin ko na ikaw ay kalimutan
Pero hahayan nalang kitang lumagay sa tahimik
Kasama ang bago mong minamahal
Sana sa pagkakataong ito ay maisip mo kung gaano ako nagdurusa.

Sa bawat pag daloy ng tubig sa talon ay ang pag daloy din ng aking luha
Luha na nagpapahiwatig ng kasiyahan
Kasiyahan na ikaw ay pinakawalan sa aking pagmamahal
Isipin mo lagi na ako’y naririto naghihintay na ikaw ay magbalik sa akin.

Journey to Freelancing

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Freelancing

It’s been a while since I’ve started my journey in freelancing. The first thing that came up in my mind was this big question “What is Freelance? And does it earn big?” That is really a question on me at first.

Let’s tackle first my way to star dome “Freelance Provider”.  Before I came across to an online job community, I was one of the people who are searching for work, even though I am still 17 years old. I try to apply as a Call Center Agent in TeleTech preferably Sales Agent. The first interview was not good. I was not accepted because of my age. And the second time they call me back for an interview, the interview process was very good, I pass the first level but in the second level I was not able to pass because I have a cough and fever at that time. I was very disappointed by that time. Still, that incident never put me down. In fact, I made it as a source of inspiration that even 18 years old, that haven’t able to finish even 2 years in College can still pass the series of interviews in the said company. TeleTech was huge company here in my hometown Dumaguete City.

There are really times that I’ve told to myself to quit on applying to offices and maybe that is not suited for my skills. And there I searched on the net for any reliable information about online job and oDesk was not the first one to show. In fact, oDesk was not my intention at all. Why? Because I really don’t know what it is and does is it really worth the while to waste my time. And these incidents just happen that I have seen on my sister’s personal computer an oDesk Team. And there I am conscious about the oDesk Team.  I tried to search the keyword phrase oDesk. And have clicked it. And there I accidentally created an account without any knowledge on what I am doing. And my sister really try her best to help me pass the oDesk Test all oDesk Readiness Test.  I was not contented with the result. Then I’ve created new gmail address and new oDesk account in which I am now using. I’ve started using it for almost 4 years now. Okay, let’s start this way. At first, you may not be able to know what are the rules in oDesk community unless you read all the FAQs. In my way I don’t read it at all instead I just answer it basing on the question.


To be continued…

Hello there,

Are you a kind of person who experienced this kind of love? A love that never last. It seems that you feel you are being tortured because they do care about you? If yes, I can say that we have the same experience that we have been going through. It is not easy though living a life that you feel you are not free. Free to do all the things you wanted to do. Just like achieving your goals in life. I know that it is very unselfish if you only think about your happiness and freedom. How about them? And how about you?

Have you been questioned yourself too. Why is it happening? From those questions I have or you have. Do they have answers, answers that can clearly say that all your questions or problems that you have been thinking of is just a waste of time.

Why don’t you try living a life that is simple, quiet and lastly loving yourself. Just continue your life. A life that has no burdens deep within your heart. I know that it is not easy to do if you really won’t try to move on and go along with the flow of your life.

Thank you for reading. More posts will come.

End of the AY 2010-2011

Posted: March 18, 2011 in School

This day is the end of the academic year 2010-2011. It is such a wonderful and a truthful year for the Freshmen Students in CCS. The first thing that we have encountered on our major subjects it that we can say  “sayun ra man siya kaso kulang lang ug time dayun pressured kaayo me sa among peers”. We all know that in every journey we have difficulties. One of which is defending our Projects in Programming. First and foremost, it is not easy to deal with other personalities because we as freshmen are only capable in dealing with our closed friends.


To be continue…… ^_^


Posted: September 22, 2010 in Only for you
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In your eyes all my worries are gone for a while
In your eyes all my doubts and fears are vanished
In your hands I found my happiness
And in your hands all of my endeavors in life have been accomplished

Your smile makes my heart pumps

Like you are the air that passes through my nose
And you are my weakness if ever you’re sick
When you look at me I feel I am an ice cream that melts

You look very simple and that’s the way you are
No matter what you dress, you look simple
In and out you are adorable, charming and sweet
With you a sound from you, it makes my heart fall deeply in love with you

You seem to be perfect
Yet, you still aspire for happiness
In which I know you found it
Just follow your heart and you will see it.

You Broke My Heart

Posted: May 2, 2010 in Only for you

You Broke My Heart

I thought you said that you won’t ever hurt my feelings
But what is happening now? You’ve tear it apart and let me cry
I never understand why you broke my heart right away
And I thank you for hurting my feelings.

Without you hurting my feelings I couldn’t stand on my own
Just by breaking my heart you made me a strong person
This pain inside my heart will never last until I find someone
Right now I’ll just keep on reminding myself not falling in love fully.

I still can remember how you made me laugh when I am sad
You lift my day when I feel down and bored
I never hesitate on loving you just the way you are
Because being you is by being true to yourself.

I step down as a friend because I feel you are not for me
Even if the pain still remain, my memory about you still here
Thank you so much for being there when I need you
Only you can make me smile when I am lonely.